Getting to know me!

Hey everybody,

My name is Rebecca Roney. I am in my third year at the university and I’m in my second year in the faculty of education. I am currently majoring in chemistry and minoring in mathematics although I am in the process of changing my major to mathematics and my minor to general science. I was born and raised in Moose jaw and I continue to live there while commuting to the university. I graduated from Peacock Collegiate in June 2015.






In my time free time I spend time watching Netflix and hanging out with friends. As well I work part time at Arene’s. I also love to spend time with my dog Tucker. Tucker

I have had some experience with educational technology throughout high school and university. In high school I had blogs created for my English classes and created padlets. So far throughout university I have had to blog in all of my education classes. As annoying as I sometimes find blogging I also find it kind of exciting. I like to share my opinions and make a space with my thoughts and ideas. I always tried to stay away from social media based on the fact that bad things could be posted on it but this class has made me realize how important it is to build a good social image for myself. Also here is the link to my twitter page. There isn’t much to look at yet but I look forward to adding to it throughout the semester.




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