What am I going to learn?


For my learning project I have decided to learn how to do sign language. Although I have never known anyone who is deaf and needs to use sign language I know that it is a possibility that one of my students may use sign language and I would love to be able to communicate with them. Since I have no previous knowledge on the subject I am starting from the very beginning. I plan to first learn the alphabet and work my way up to common words, phrases, ect.  My weekly plans are as followed:

Week 1: Learn the alphabet
Week 2: Common words
Week 3: Continue with common words
Week 4: Common Phrases
Week 5: Continue with common phrases
Week 6: String amounts of word together – such as O Canada                                                     Week 7-Finish: Continue to build on knowledge and learn new words while learning how to create long sentences and dialogues



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