Feedly I Need the Blogs

Hey all!

So I decided to create a feedly account. I searched up #edtech and #education and followed some of the blogs that Katia showed us as examples so I won’t touch too much on those. I then continued on to search up some other blogs that conatined the words teaching, higher education and and classroom management. Although I found multiple blogs I could talk about one that really stood out to me was a blog called “What the teachers want.” Why would I follow this blog you ask? Well first of all the the title is a dead give away as to why I would follow this blog. What I really like about this blog though is the content it provides. It has a lot of resources for different subjects. It provides free organizational printables. They also have this thing called management Monday’s where they provide strategies, games and organization for different topics or ways to teach students. Another blog that I found is the blog “Clutter-Free Classroom.” I like this blog because it gives tips on how to organize you classroom for different situations. One example they give is a sub plan. This blog also gives ways to do a lesson plan based on the time of year and the holiday season. It gives ways to incorporate holiday seasons and holiday décor into your lesson plans. Capture


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