Twitter chats are easy right?!

Hey everyone!

For the topic of this week’s blog was to participate in a twitter chat. I decided to participate in the #saskedchat and I’m not going to lie but it was a bit overwhelming at first. Honestly it went super-fast and tweets were just popping up constantly and I felt that I was getting left behind. I’m pretty sure that I missed the first three questions. I’m not going to lie but I was ready to give up and try another chat at a later time. I decided to stick with it to try to test out a twitter chat and once I kind of got the hang of it, it went pretty well! I’m glad that I stuck with it. I think the whole concept of the twitter chat is pretty cool. It’s really nice to build that online community and see what likeminded people have to say. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure how Tweetdeck would work but I’m glad that I used it or I wouldn’t have been able to keep up at all. Overall I definitely enjoyed participating in the twitter chat. I really liked seeing what other educators and future educators had to say and how we had either the same or different thoughts. I was surprised with how welcoming everyone was and I liked the resources that others shared. Participating in these twitter chats is something that I would like to participate in on a regular basis.

The value that might come from twitter chats is being able to collaborate with colleagues and peers with the same interests. I think that the twitter chats are a good way to build that positive online presence. I think that the value of twitter chats can be to share resources. Overall I believe that twitter chats can be very beneficial especially if it is a topic that you are focusing on or passionate about.

3 thoughts on “Twitter chats are easy right?!”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Congrats on getting through your first #twitterchat! I participated in my first one this morning and I agree, it’s really cool but was overwhelming. Glad to hear you liked the #saskedchat, do you think you’ll join in again next week? Also, on a side note, I like how you have your blog linked to your twitter… did you just do that through your twitter settings?


    1. Hey Nicole,
      Thanks for the reply! I would love to participate in #saskedchat again and would consider it again for this week but I might want to look that some others chats as well. Also I added my blog to my twitter by editing my profile and then adding the link to my blog. Hope that helps!


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