Sign Language and Common Words

Hey guys!

Just a little refresher I have decided to learn how to do sign language for my learning project. Last week I was able to learn the alphabet. This week I set myself a goal to learn how to sign some common words. As this week was a busy one for myself I found it a little harder to learn some sign language this week. I still managed to learn somethings but a lot of it was just building on knowledge I learned from last week with the alphabet.


Screenshot of MSH Dictionary 

This week I managed to learn how to sign numbers 1-10, days of the week, I learned how to sign hello, yes and no, as well as some other common words. Check out my video below to see some of my knowledge!

Also, I found a couple YouTube videos that even though they seem like they would be for young children they really worked for me! Check them out as it really makes it easy to learn from.

The first video was learning to count from 1-10. You can check it out here. The second video was learning how to sign the days of the week and you can check it out here. These videos are from are from My Smart Hands. They have a ton of videos and resources. If you guys are interested and want to check them out visit this link. I also found an app called MSH Dictionary which is really helpful and it’s what I plan on using again for next week as well as more YouTube videos.

For next week I will look to continue to learn common words and continue building
on current knowledge.



3 thoughts on “Sign Language and Common Words”

  1. Hey Rebecca, looks like you are doing an excellent job at expanding your personal sign language dictionary! I also have been watching videos that are possibly directed for children’s learning and found them super helpful but I definitely am yet to remember as many gestures as you have! What has been most challenging for you? Looking forward to continuing to progress our sign language development together, happy signing!


    1. Hey Kendall,
      Thanks for the reply! I think that hardest thing for me is to remember the position of my fingers in each sign. As well I was trying to learn the months of the year and have found it really hard since the app I was using goes really fast. My Smart Hands has really good videos if you’re looking for resources!

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