Beneficial Tools for Classrooms

Hey everyone,

With the blog prompt this week to try out a new tool or app I decided to check into Evernote. It’s basically like an online notebook and you’re able to import PowerPoints such as a class lecture into it. I have decided to also try out Screencastify to show you guys how I used Evernote! So if you’re interested you can check out my Screencastify video about Evernote below.


First of all, since we talked about Screencastify in class I’m sure most of you already know what it is but if somebody missed it I’ll give a little explanation. Screencastify is a google chrome extension that allows you to broadcast what you are doing on your screen while you are able to record yourself talking about what you are doing. I think the strengths of Screencastify would to be able to provide detailed, step by step demonstration if you were the teacher. If for example a student missed a class and it was something online you could create a Screencastify video to help the student learn what they missed. Downsides of Screencastify would be the lack of human communication. Say if a student was away and had to rely on a screencast they might be confused or lost. I do see the benefit of using Screencastify as a teacher. It would be great to be able to create how to videos for an assignment or just to provide resources for their students. I would love to continue to use Screencastify throughout this class and as well when I become a teacher with my own classroom. If you guys are interested in checking out Screencastify check out this link.

The actual tool I decided to use was Evernote. Evernote is basically an online notebook and planner. You are able to import your class lectures that are created as PDF’s. The strengths of Evernote would be that students are able to have all of their notes together online, it allows you to write on your notes, it allows you to set yourself reminders, you can add pictures, and you are able to import PDF’s into it. The weaknesses could be that students may rely too much on Evernote and not have a hardcopy of notes for backup. I think Evernote would be beneficial for teachers to use in their classroom because it can organize their lives in one place. It would be beneficial for students because they would be able to have all of their notes in one spot and would be able to insert links for resources. I definitely see myself continuing to use Evernote as time goes on. If you guys are interested in checking out Evernote, check it out here.


3 thoughts on “Beneficial Tools for Classrooms”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Great sceencastify! I like how you already had components set up on Evernote, but you took the time to explain how you added them, etc. Evernote would definitely be a great tool for university students! I can see it takes some time to get it initially set up, but in the long run would be very useful!

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