Constructing Teacher Professionalism (Rebecca Roney)

This week’s readings really stood out to me. I think a lot of it is similar to my beliefs and covered some scenarios and concerns I could potentially have.

One thing I learned was about the Collective-Bargaining Procedures. Although I did know that this existed I wasn’t sure what it actually entailed. It surprised me how often it is renegotiated. This is something that is a very useful thing to have as it determines wages and benefits with your job.

Another thing I learned was about control. In Yerks’, article she says, “Control was something even today I still have problems overcoming,” (16). I think this is and will be a big concept for me. I like to have control and when I don’t have control of a situation I get stressed out but again it’s something I need to learn to deal with because I am unable to control every situation.

One final thing I learned was about teachers and authority. It discusses the statement of what happens if you disagree with something for example in the curriculum. This is something that is a large chance of happening and could cause a problem depending what it is you disagree. This could for example have a teacher disagreeing with something from a parent or from administration and then requires you to find a balance on how to deal with the situation.

One connection I made was in regards to the private lives of teachers. What I liked that was mentioned in the article “The expectations of teachers as professionals do not stop at the entrance to the school,” (Ross V. New Brunswick S D, 1996). I think this is very important as teachers need to show professionalism constantly. Currently I’m taking an educational technologies class and it discusses the importance of building a positive online presence.

Another connection I made was in the Teaching Identity reading in regards to Perfectionism. I can relate to the statement, “When I began this year, I knew I would make mistakes, but I was not prepared to make them.” (Yerks, 16). I think that for myself personally I am a perfectionist and I struggle making mistakes and I must learn mistakes are going to happen and be able to move on from them.

One question I still have is what to do if you do disagree with either a parent, administration or the curriculum? How do you go about dealing with the situation without offending anyone and find that common ground?


One thought on “Constructing Teacher Professionalism (Rebecca Roney)”

  1. I agree with a lot of what you saod Rebecca. I think that this article was interesting and provided lots of insight. I think that if you have a problem with a parent or curriculum it would be different and I’m unsure of how you would go about that. But a problem with administration should be taken up through the chain of command by first talking to them. I am interested to learn about the other two though.


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