And so the learning continues..

Hey Everyone!

This week I decided to continue learning how to sign common words. I was going to try to learn how to sign the months but I was still unable to find a solid resource so I’m still looking for a better resource so hopefully I’ll have something to show you guys with that this week. But fir now I’ll tell you guys what I did learn this week. This week I used MSH Dictionary again. So far, it’s the best app I have found for what I am learning right now. I looked at the categories of bedtime routine and feeling/emotions.

Check out my video below to see my progress this week.


As well I looked at a couple YouTube videos and websites. The first one I looked at is a YouTube video to learn how to sign feelings and emotions. It seemed to be helpful so if you wanted to check it out, you can see it here. This YouTube video came from a site called which has a ton of videos for different scenarios and categories. I plan on looking into this site more next week as my goal is to learn some common phrases for next week.


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