The new age of classrooms

Hey everyone!

From both the resources this week we are able to see how the culture of participation has changed. From this week one thing I took from both is the connections that can be made online. From the Wesch video we see how far technology has come. The example provided is the Numa Numa video. We saw how the video became a trend and how after one person created a video, many others created a video. One thing that I can think of is other trends. When I think of these trends I think of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge that was meant for a good cause and then there’s things like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge that doesn’t really serve a purpose. People use the connections to relate to people all around the world. People participate in the challenges to relate to others and to feel connected.

With Alec’s presentation I found a lot of statistics very crazy, in particular the statistics of how so many children have a digital footprint before they are even born. I found it crazy how many fake accounts have been created using both pictures of himself and his family. I think through Alec’s presentation we saw both the positives and negatives of online presences. You can see by example of Alec’s children how advanced children are with technology. I found an interesting article that you can read here about how students nowadays are born into the world of technology and it’s in their nature.

The Wesch video discusses the beginning of the technology and how far technology had come. We can’t even imagine how far technology will change throughout our careers and how much it will change for our students, classrooms, and schools.

For my future classroom this means that students will be more connected with each other and people all around the world. I think that while this is a good thing it can also cause some problems that would need to be addressed to make sure students are safe online. I think that for my future classroom it will mean that all my students will have a digital footprint and that they will be fully immersed on the internet. I think that students will have a better understanding of what is going on in the world. I think for schools in general it will require a lot of change to become more connected. I read a news article that discussed how classrooms were going on virtual field trips. I think that schools will be able to experience so many new things. I think that this new culture of participation will allow schools to have many new possibilities for assignments, projects, and presentations. The way students will be able to learn in the classroom will be more in depth.

Looking at both resources this week one think that kept popping into my head is watching older TV series now. One of my favorite shows is Friends. Through watching Friends now you can see all the technological advances. The start of the series had no technology and gradually through the series they got the ginormous computers and then they started to get the large cell phones and then finally the phones got smaller and smaller to be something we would actually consider a cell phone.



3 thoughts on “The new age of classrooms”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Great response to last week’s learnings! I’m so glad you referenced ‘Friends’ because it may just be one of the best TV shows ever!! On a more serious note, I like how you mentioned that our future students will be coming in more connected because of technology and I think it is key to acknowledge this as teachers so we can best prepare ourselves.

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