Do I even exist online?

Hey guys!

During class this week we were asked to put our names into google to see what we could find. When I put my name into google I wasn’t too surprised to not find much about myself in the top results.  When I was younger my parents often didn’t let me have social media accounts when all of my friends had these accounts. I often felt a little jealous that my friends were allowed to have these accounts and I wasn’t. When I got older I never had any interest in getting these accounts. I guess if someone was trying to look me up I’d be one of those people others would think something was up. I often thought about how I wanted to become a teacher and often thought about how it would be best to stay off of social media but in taking this #edtc300 I now realize that, that is not the case. Since starting this class I have being trying to build a positive online presence for myself but I now realize this will take some time.

When I put my name into google it tried to get me to auto correct it to “Rebecca Romney”. Just putting my name into google there was nothing that came up on the first page. When I put “Rebecca Roney Moose Jaw” into google somethings came up on the first page but they were from several years ago.

Capture 1

Capture 2

I don’t have a Facebook account so I can’t find myself on there.

Twitter tried to correct me to “Rebecca Romney” as well and I was able to find my Instagram account even though I haven’t posted anything on their in probably two years.


When I put “Rebecca Roney Moose Jaw” into google I found a Prezi I created two years ago, my EDTC blog was the second result, and then I found newspaper articles from several years ago, as well as my twitter.

Obviously when somebody looks up my name I would want my twitter and blog to be the top results. If somebody was to look me up today they wouldn’t find much about me. I realize that it will take awhile to build my digital identify but I believe that work is worth it!

This weeks readings made me realize that our lives our changing and how our phone and social media are playing a large role in our lives but sometimes don’t tell the whole truth. I would want to share professional growth and development on my social media and try to avoid sharing too much personal information.




5 thoughts on “Do I even exist online?”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Nice summary on your digital identity! It’s good that you acknowledge that it will take time to build a more prominent digital identity. I’m noticing (from this class) that it’s most certainly not easy, and that it will take a lot of work in the future to maintain a digital identity, but it’s necessary in this day and age. Do you plan on using more social networks? Ie: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to build your digital identity?

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    1. Hey Nicole,
      Thanks for the comment! I like what you said with how a digital identity is necessary in this day and age and I think this class is showing that. I’m using YouTube now with my learning project so that’s something that I’d obviously be okay growing my digital identity on. I am open to growing my digital identity on other social media accounts it just kind of depends on what at the time I’m looking at it!


  2. Hi Rebecca, like you I kept off social media for a long time. My initial foray was to use it like a ‘class reunion’ to find people who I had lost touch with. I got tired of the ‘too much information’ gambit and so limited my interaction to general information. The frequency changed for me when I needed to be there a lot for work, to advertise events and promote my agency. I realized what a powerful tool an online presence is and that people go there as a primary source of information over most others.
    In this course I have seen how it can be used educationally and for professional advancement and collegiality. The great thing about an online presence is that you are the ‘boss’ of it and can decide what to share and what not to. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Rebecca, I think it was really smart of your parents to keep you offline when you were younger. Hopefully it helped keep you from posting things that you would later cringe at when you got older. However, like you said now that you are older it is important for you to create a positive online presence for yourself and this blog and twitter are a good place to start.

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  4. Staying offline as a teenager is never a bad idea. I have seen lots of my friends post things they will later regret, so the fact that you stay away from social media stuff is probably good. Plus, at least you aren’t addicted to your phone like 90% of teens haha.


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