Finally! The months of the year!

Hey everyone!

This week I went back to the ASL Dictionary and looked into the action category. A lot of the words in this category seemed like common sense and provided an action that you would think of when you think of that word.



For some common phrases this week I tried out a website called Signing Savvy. I looked at several “common” phrases from this site. What I liked about this site is that that it broke down each word in the phrase and gave a video to explain each word.

As well I have finally decided to show you guys how to sign the months of the year. If you recall I had been struggling with finding a good resource for how to sign the months. Every resource I had found had been going to fast for me. Last week I looked at Kendall’s previous post where she had posted a good video about how to sign the months of the year. While I still found this video goes very fast it was the best resource I have found. I also found another video that teaches you the months of the year and it goes a little slower in trying to teach you the signs for the months. I did like that video but the one thing I found hard about it was there was no sound. Its helpful when theres sound in the videos to explain to you how to do the signs. As well I found a site that could be helpful to put up in your classroom for a guide on how to sign the months. It gives little explanations as to how to create the actions which could be helpful for students trying to learn the signs.




3 thoughts on “Finally! The months of the year!”

  1. Awesome learning progress this week Rebecca, so awesome to see you finally mastered the signs for the months! Thanks for commenting about the resources you used, I will have to try some of them out for myself in the future weeks, good luck continuing to expand your ASL knowledge

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