YouTube. Good or Bad?

This week I teamed up with Chris  to debate the idea of whether YouTube is good or bad to use in the classroom.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have a serious issue with my child using YouTube in the classroom. I do not see any benefit to using YouTube in the classroom, only negatives. First of all, it can be a distraction to my child that would prevent them from getting their work done. When my child is supposed to be typing up a report on their computer they could be on YouTube watching videos that have nothing to do with what they should be doing. There is little you can do to monitor what they are watching when there are numerous other students in your classroom that also need your attention. Children have no privacy when they are on YouTube. They can post videos of themselves and that can invite the world into their lives. Posting on YouTube can bring in all kinds of comments that can lead to cyberbullying. The cyberbullying can lead to students attempting and committing suicide. There have been many cases of this. For example, the Amanda Todd case. Something students post that is negative can affect them for life and they could create a negative digital identity for them. I wouldn’t want a mistake my child made that could have been prevented to follow them for the rest of their lives and may prevent them from getting a job in the future. Please read this article that explains how your digital footprint can hurt you. Please check out this website I have found that includes problems with YouTube in the classroom. As well please check out this article about the problems with technology in the classroom. Once again I truly don’t think that YouTube should be used in the classroom and I think you should really consider implement a no YouTube policy within the school.


One Concerned Parent


Photo Credit: YouTube


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Dear Concerned Parent,

I understand your concern, but there is nothing to worry about. There are multiple benefits to using YouTube in the classroom, and using it as an educational tool in the classroom. YouTube has privacy settings so that your child will not be endanger while on the site, as well as making sure they are keeping on task because the channels they shouldn’t be on can be blocked. It is also a free site to use for educational purposes and there are tons of channels on YouTube that can be used for leaning every subject. There is no danger for your child as long as they are taught the correct way to protect their items, as in when you post a video it can be put as private so that only you and certain people can see the content in it. Another benefit to YouTube is that sharing videos and projects with teachers and classmates is easy and safe because of the privacy settings that I have already mentioned. Please read this article indicating reasons why it is time for YouTube to be used in the classroom. Also please read another article done on some reasons why technology is a good thing to have in the classroom. Having a digital identity can also help get your child get a job in the future, because employers are looking up people’s digital identity which having a well run site can help your child. Hopefully this can put your mind at ease and maybe change your mind about having technology in the classroom. I also hope that you will read the articles that I have linked and consider my position on the subject.


Mr. Smith



One thought on “YouTube. Good or Bad?”

  1. Nice discussion on YouTube. I like how you linked a variety of sources for both the ‘teacher’ and ‘parent’ to look at. I like how YouTube has features to block certain videos from students, although I sometimes think this can be misleading when teaching students about safety online. What teachers/schools can “block” from students doesn’t always carry outside of the classroom. So I think it’s very important to teach safety with and without ‘blocked’ content.

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