O Canada

Hey everyone!

This week I continued to use the ASL Dictionary and looked at the category of Nature. I have worked a lot with the ASL Dictionary app throughout the semester and it is an app that I would like to continue to use and it is one that I would definitely recommend to others. It has been very helpful to look at the categories and that it has a video provided with a spoken description of how to preform the sign. I really like how it goes slow and the video is preformed over again so you get a really good idea of how to preform the sign.  Check out my video below to see the nature signs I learned this week.

This week I also decided to learn how to sign O Canada. When I was in elementary school I had a few teachers that would sign it doing the actual song but I was never taught. I would always try to follow along but I found it hard as I had not actual teaching on it. I figured learning how to sign Oh Canada would be a beneficial tool to have in the classroom.

This week I looked at this one website that provided a couple videos to use as tutorials which I did like but I did find that it went a little too fats for me for first learning how to sign Oh Canada. I found a vey helpful PDF that would be a good print out for a classroom. It provides the lyrics for O Canada and then the direct words that you would sign as well it provides diagrams for the signs. I checked out multiple videos this week to learn how to sign O Canada. Most of the videos were okay but they were a little too fast for me. Some of the videos I checked out included Oh Canada ASL, O’Canada, and O’Canada in ASL.

The video I actually learned from was O Canada learning how to sign with Jaclyn Paul. I really liked this video as it went really slow and taught a few signs at a time and then would go back over the signs until the video was complete.

I decided to do this week’s video as a screencastify because I wasn’t totally comfortable with signing O Canada and wanted to show you all the video I learned from as well.

Although I didn’t learn some of these signs I found a couple pintables that would be good to put up in the classroom.


Photo Credit: Teaching Ideas



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