Inclusive Education (Rebecca Roney)


One thing I learned from the TedTalk this week is how having inclusion in the classroom can help students to become more accepting, understanding and compassionate. Watching Dan’s TedTalk he mentioned how a teacher had explained to him about a student who had come from a war torn country and how the students were accepting and wanted to help her learn because of his son.

Another thing I learned about based on reading Kelsey’s blog about one of her blog posts was about how homework could make students with a disability feel frustrated. I think this goes back to treating each student as an individual. If a student was struggling with math a teacher would modify an assignment for that student and it should be the same with a student with a disability.

One last thing that I learned is you don’t have to be ashamed to make a mistake while speaking to somebody with a disability. In Kelsey’s one blog post she mentioned the example of saying “see you later” to a person with impaired vision. I think it’s important to know it’s okay to make mistakes as long as people aren’t doing it on purpose.

One connection I have made is to my past school experience. When I was in grade three we had a new student who was blind move to our school. One thing I remember clearly is how he was held to the same standard in the way of how assignments were supposed to be completed. We were always supposed to write in complete sentences and when this student answered questions he would have to answer them in complete sentences.

Another connection I made was in terms how it can make students more accepting and compassionate. During recesses with this same student other students would offer to walk around and talk with him. It was always a lot of students who would want to do this at recess as we were all accepting of him and wanted him to feel welcomed in our class.

One question I still have it how can we help other students to become more accepting to a student with either a physical or learning disability?


One thought on “Inclusive Education (Rebecca Roney)”

  1. Great post Rebecca,
    I also learned a lot from the TED Talk and Kayla’s blog. In regard to your question, I think the first step is to get children with disabilities included in general education classrooms. This way, it helps normalize the interaction and learning together of students with and without disabilities. We need to teach our students the importance of accepting others even if they are different, and there’s no better way to do that than having them work side by side.


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