Coding the day away!


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This week I checked out the Hour of Code option on I checked out the Code with Anna and Elsa. I struggled a bit with it because I sometimes didn’t understand what I was supposed to be doing but once I got the hang of it, it seemed to work better for me. Also after reading Kylie’s post I decided to check out the Flappy Code and created my own game! The Flappy Code was very entertaining as I’m sure most of us played the actual game.

I found the coding to be a lot like a puzzle. You have to get it in the right spot for it just to work. I learned that if you don’t get the right code in the right place it won’t work.  While I did find this coding activity pretty easy I did struggle with it a few times just trying to figure out how to make the design work. I honestly never even thought coding was important unless it was your job. I do think coding is important for student to learn how to do because it gives them a better idea of how things such as their apps, social media, games, etc. is created.

I think the coding we learned this week was fairly simple and straightforward but if I was to go try to code any more it would be a lot harder. I think the purpose of learning how to code it to teach students the ways that things are created and that it takes a lot of hard work.

I found some good article explaining why it is important to learn how to code. Check them out!

Why Kids Should Learn To Code (And How To Get Them Started)

8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Coding in the classroom: What is coding and why is it so important?





3 thoughts on “Coding the day away!”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Nice work on linking what articles you found your information on! I’m glad my blog post was helpful for you! I also was very confused when creating my game. At the start of my game I didn’t have any of my obstacles pop up and then I found out it was because I had the obstacle code in the wrong place haha. Nice to see I wasn’t alone! Good to see you got the hang of things and learned the importance of coding! Keep it up! 🙂

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