Apple, Banana, Bread

This week I again looked at the MSH Dictionary and looked at the category of food. I’ve found it interesting how many connections are made from past knowledge on previous words I have learned.

This week the weather and all the shopping sales with Black Friday coming up got me into the Christmas spirit. I decided to try to learn some Christmas Carols and I found this really cool article called Sign Language Christmas Songs and Carols that provide a list of songs and ways and places to look at them. I really liked this site because it provided a ton of resources all in one place. Some of the sites it provided were places that you could purchase resources which could be helpful for teachers if they were looking for resources for their classroom.

I checkout Signing Savvy again this week in order to learn how to sign Merry Christmas.

The Christmas Carol I attempted to learn this week was We Wish you a Merry Christmas. I found a YouTube video that helped me and I created a screencast to show you guys how I learned this week. Even though it wasn’t a great video it was one of the easier videos and songs to learn from. The song was easy to learn from as a lot of it is repeated. The video was the easiest video I saw as it was meant for children and went really slow.

This song was one of the easier songs I found to learn as a lot of the words are repeated and it goes fairly slowly. I was looking at a few other songs this week such as Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer  and while they were good videos they were hard to learn from because they went a little too fast and they were sometimes hard to follow.

I also found a really good website called Baby Sign Language which had a lot of Christmas sign language flashcards that would be really helpful for a teacher to have in their classroom.





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