My Final Summary!

Well this is it. My final Summary is complete! I hope you enjoy!

For resources on the fake news slide with the pictures I pictures and resources from my previous blog post.

And then on the Digital Identity page I used a previous post as well.

Now 5-7 minutes is not enough to sum what I’ve learned but I was able to share some of the key points I took away from this class. Of course I have written more in depth blog posts about some of the topics I discussed in my presentation such as coding. And of course my blog in regards to fake news. One of the main points I had was about Digital Identity and luckily I had already written a post about that. And of course there would be twitter and I never truly thought I would have my own twitter account. I never even got to touch on my own app review. We can’t forget those twitter chats  and the lovely Feedly. The amount of reading that helped to shape my thoughts such as The Price of Shame,  The Sextortion of Amanda Todd, Carol Todd’s TedTalk and the article on Revenge Porn.  Not to mention Poll Everywhere and Kahoot.

There is so much more I could go on about but since you were all there I won’t bore you. I hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs and seeing my posts as much as I did reading all of your!

(P.S. please don’t judge that I forgot to change presented my Pearson in the Prezi. I noticed and it was too late to change it.)


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