Contributions to Others Learning!

Through the semester we were given many opportunities to help contribute to others learning by either Twitter, blog responses and the Google Plus Community.

First off the Google Plus Community was a place where we could ask and answer questions and post resources that we didn’t necessarily feel that we needed to share with others. While we didn’t use the Google Plus Community a lot I tried to answer students questions and give support in regards to others blogs. Check out the screenshots below of some of the ways I tried to contribute to others learning.

We were able to use a Twitter List  as well in order to help contribute to others learning. We were able to share resources and respond to others. I tried to find resources that related to our topic during each week. For example I tweeted an article about the benefits of coding when we had our blog post of coding due. I tried to share a lot of articles and resources related to #edtech and #digcit as well general resources for teachers and resources for ASL learners. I tried to respond to my classmates and give them support of what they were posting and asking questions when needed. Of course you can check out my twitter to see more of my contributions!


The last part of contributing to others learning would be through blog responses.  We were able to read and respond to others blog posts. I tried my best to read and give positive feedback and support as well as answering questions and sharing resources. Check out some screen shots below to see how I contributed on the blog responses!

Capture 11
Helping Nicole with how to put your WordPress link in your Twitter.

Capture 12



Capture 13
Supporting Kendall and recommending sources for her to use as we were both learning ASL for our Learning Projects.



Capture comments ive made

contribution to learning 1







Suggesting resources that Jadon can use.
Sharing resources with Luke.  

All in all I think through the course of the semester I helped contribute to other students learning through giving support, sharing resources and answering questions when needed! I enjoyed collaborating with everyone over the semester and wish everyone all the best in their futures!

My Final Learning Project!

This semester in EDTC 300 we were presented with the incredible opportunity of a learning project with technology.

I made the choice to learn ASL and I have made a lot of progress from where I started considering I had no previous experience with ASL.

My first blog post “What am I going to learn?” I created a rough outline of what my learning project might entail.

Learning sign language? It’s as easy as A,B,C was my first blog post. For my first week of actual learning I learned how to sign the alphabet. I used the ASL App until it updated and was no longer supported by my phone. This week’s blog post included my first ever YouTube video! ( I must say I was nervous to actually post this video). This week I used the MSH Dictionary app as well.


My second blog “Sign Language and Common Words” I worked on some common words and worked on numbers 1-10 using a YouTube video from My Smart Hands.

I learned to sign the days of the week also from a video from My Smart Hands.


days of the week
Picture from Learning Made Easy


The next week my blog post was called Learning Common ASL Words is Hard Work

I had learned how to sign colors using ASL That and a very helpful YouTube video.

My blog post “What?! You have to sign more than one word?” included my first step at learning some common phrases thanks to Start ASL and a YouTube video from Learn American Sign Language. I used Signing Savvy as well a lot to learn common phrases.

I learned how to sign Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  using a combination of two YouTube videos, you can find the first one here, which may be more helpful for younger children and the next video being the one I actually learned from.

My next blog post “Finally! The months of the Year!” I was able to finally learn how to sign the months of the year after a few weeks of struggling. I was able to find a video from “Mrs. Rodriguez’s ASL Classes” and a site called Lesson Tutor that provided a step by step template of how to sign the months. I can’t forget to give credit to my lovely classmate Kendall as she also learned how to sign the months of the year and her post helped me big time!

My next blog was “O Canada” which is pretty self explanatory by the fact I learned how to sign O Canada from the video O Canada learning how to sign with Jaclyn Paul.

My final blog post Apple, Banana, Bread I got into the Christmas spirit by learning how to sign “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and of course like the title suggests learning how to sign foods.

Throughout the semester I also worked on a ton of categories for some basic words. Categories such as food, travel, toys, clothing, manners, feelings/emotions, animals, actions, and bedtime routine. The categories were from MSH Dictionary.  MSH Dictionary was a very helpful app that I used a lot through the semester. It gives a lot of words and then preforms the sign and then explains the sign while preforming it slower. Check out the pictures of the categories below!

I used a lot of resources such as websites, visuals, and YouTube videos to help me learn. I found a lot of them very helpful and I have linked to them in this post and previous ones and would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to learn ASL!  In order to see more detailed posts about my learning project and the resources I used and put into my posts check out the link to my learning project category! Also check out my YouTube channel to see all of the videos I made that shows all the words I learned!

I strayed from my initial plan quite a bit by adding a couple extra weeks working on common words and adding how to learn “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” but it was all worth it in the end! All in all I really learned a lot and I would love to continue working on learning ASL in the future!