CJ #2: Taking that Leap..

visual 2

“What can I do?”

“How can I help?”

“I’m only one person, how can I make a difference?”

These are often questions we ask ourselves when we think of taking the leap to help save the environment. Of course, there are stereotypical was that we ‘vow’ to help the environment.

“I’m going to recycle.”

“Ill use the stairs instead of the elevator.”

“I’ll walk or ride my bike instead of driving.

We have been challenged to think bigger in terms of taking the leap to save the environment and I have thought long and hard about this and to be honest its hard coming up with ways to help ‘save the environment’. While I would like to start with some of the stereotypes such as recycling more, I would like to make sure that I use less electricity and make a more conscious effort that If I’m on my phone or computer to turn off the TV and only use the lights in the room that I am using, as well as cutting back on some things such as eating so much meat (specifically beef).

In terms of deeper understanding and a less stereotypical way of ‘saving the planet’ my leap into action would be to become more educated on the things that I use daily that are actually harmful, I want to become more involved in finding ways to save the environment and not just sit back and expect someone else to fix it for me, I want to become more educated on the issues that are effecting our environment.

During Apathy into Action one thing that really stood out to me was the mention of a bear that was hit by a truck by workers on the pipeline and left to die. It made me really think that it was the animals home first and we more or less took over it and expect the animals to find a new home. I think in looking at my own leap into action I would also want to try to make sure that I do not contribute to deforestation as we have already torn down many trees to build cities and communities without having regard to what we were taken away.

In the chapter “Maple Nation: A Citizenship Guide” on page 168 one quote that stood out to me was, “It is when the earth starts to wake up from her well-deserved rest and renews her gifts to the people”. The earth and environment is an incredible place and we need to start treating it as such. We are taking and using more resources that there are available and if we continue it the earth will no longer have gifts to give back to us. My visual includes many wonders of the world that we are slowly killing and if people don’t leap into action we won’t have these wonders for much longer.


One thought on “CJ #2: Taking that Leap..”

  1. Awesome Post.
    I love your picture and as I read it made it even better knowing that it had some connection to the Apathy into Action we went to. I also love how you started off the blog stating the simple common quotes that most people say when they want to help the environment. It showed that you have really thought about what you want to do to make a positive impact. One thing that I wondered when reading your blog is how you plan to not contribute to deforestation? Overall I really enjoyed your blog and visual 🙂


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