You and your Identity. Digital Identity.


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Before taking EDTC I had always thought it would be best to stay off social media or to have your social media accounts set to private. I have heard many education students say how they have made their social media accounts private before going into the classroom. Now this would have been my initial thoughts and feelings before, but this is not the case anymore. Knowing that we really only have one identity whether it is online or offline it is important to be posting appropriate and professional content that you would be okay with your employers and your students seeing.

The school’s role in helping students to develop a positive digital identity is to help to provide classes and education about creating a positive digital identity and to help to teach the student ways to create a positive digital identity. Schools could provide more classes like EDTC that teach students about the use of technology and how to start to create a positive digital identity.

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The teachers role in helping students to develop a positive digital identity should be to give them a good example. Everything we are learning in class in helping us to create a positive digital identify and it will help us to teach our students how to create their own positive digital identity. Teachers could help to teach their students about the dangers and the importance of learning what not to put online. Some of the things that we are doing in our own class like the blogs and twitter accounts could be helpful to help our own students to create their own digital identity.


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I think that for our society to move toward a different, more forgiving, understanding of digital footprints is to understand that people and students are still learning about their digital identity and are going to make mistakes but that those mistakes don’t necessarily

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define them. To be more understanding of digital footprints will require people to learn about the benefits and the downfalls of it and how it is created.  It will require constant learning and teaching and it is important to be open-minded about the whole concept.








One thought on “You and your Identity. Digital Identity.”

  1. Hey Rebecca
    I like your positive take on digital identity, I tend to steer in the negative direction in my posts. I too think our real and digital identities should be one and the same. I also liked how you talk about the students role, and the teachers role. I am wondering how would you address the fact that not all digital identity is the true identity, and how to be clear of that?


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