Ecoliterate love letter: Dear Tucker..

Dear Tucker,

You are the most ecoliterate person I know. Your love for nature inspires me constantly. You question why you cannot be outside constantly even on the most bitter day in the dead of winter. Your cries and tears of sadness on those long cold days breaks my heart and I know the you are happy with those few minutes outside. The outdoors is your happy place no matter the temperature. Even when you get stuck in the middle of the snow and need to be carried into the house you could not be happier. Your ears are always wide open to the sounds of the birds chirping and the squirrel nattering. You are a constant protector of those birds and squirrels and are filled with curiosity with them. You bask in the rays and the heat in the warmest of days. You protect and honor the trees and the fruits that they give. You never take more than they give and only once it had fallen to the ground as if to not let it go to waste. You never let one scent be missed with your nose always straight up in the air. You investigate every last raindrop, snowflake, and breeze. The stillness you have while laying in the grass deepens your connections. Your happiness is when the breeze blows through your fur and the blades of grass through your paws. You make the world a better place for always wanting to walk instead of drive. You never take no for an answer and are never satisfied with the answers you are given. You don’t like to bathe or swim, but you have no problem wading through the puddles outside. You explore every last corner leaving no stone unturned. You inspire me every day to continue to protect the environment, so you forever have a place to explore.


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