Does Technology in the classroom enhance learning?

The great debate #1: Technology in the classroom enhances learning.

Going into this debate I had my mind set that I agreed with this statement and nothing was going to change my mind. While I didn’t change my mind completely Melanie’s argument made me think maybe technology isn’t as perfect as it’s portrayed to be. Melanie made me think about how if students don’t have technology at home then there is a learning process for them to learn at school. She explained about the cost and that technology can break. The Disadvantages of Technology in Classroom made a good point that schools may buy technology before the teachers are equipped to use them. For example take the SmartBoard. Teachers don’t know how to use them and then they turn into a glorified bulletin board. You of course always run the chance of having students being distracted by technology but in my mind its not realistic to keep it out of the classroom. The Disadvantages of Technology in Classroom

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mentions that having problems with takes away from classroom time. There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education brings the thought of how just because you use technology doesn’t mean it makes what you are learning better. I think sometimes people think that just because you have a PowerPoint or a video it makes it better but its not the case.


Webster’s argument was the one that I believed I would completely agree with and for the most I still agreed with him but no longer as strongly.  Benefits of Technology in the Classroom provided interesting points as to how it can prepare students for their future. I think this is an interesting point as knowing how to properly use technology can prove beneficial to students in their futures. Of course adding technology can help add and interest factor and have students more engaged.  Technology in the Classroom: The Good and Bad mentions how most students have access to technology in their own lives.  There are of course ways that technology can improve students learnings but like I said already it shouldn’t be used just to use technology!


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