Google and the Great Debate

“Schools should not be teaching anything that can be googled: Agree or disagree?”

Another debate and another topic I thought I had my opinion on but now I have my doubts. The debate this week of whether or not schools should be teaching anything that can be googled is an interesting one. Before the debate I had a strong opinion that I was on the disagree side but I started to change my mind with this debate. While I haven’t fully changed my mind and am still mainly on the disagree side  McKayla’s debate made me question my thoughts a little bit more.

McKayla was tasked with the difficult side of agreeing and she did a very good job and posed a lot of good points. She mainly discussed the use of google within a math classroom. The idea she brought up a lot was memorization how that is what we may be teaching our students. The article she provided Memorizing the times tables is damaging to your child’s mind discussed the aspect that it may be better to allow students to learn ways of how to now the multiplication tables their own way. In my own learning while learning the multiplication tables through songs but that might not have worked for other students so allowing them to google other way may be beneficial to some students. It mentioned how using math worksheets that basically require memorization aren’t beneficial. I remember doing mad minutes and I basically just memorized certain questions without learning how to do them. You of course can also look at math formulas and of course a lot of us being math majors the mention of the quadratic formula and how it can just be googled.  The argument that McKayla made definitely made me think that maybe some things that can be googled shouldn’t take up time in the classroom to teach. I always think back to history class and dates. The dates to me were always memorization and I haven’t used them outside of my grade 11 and 12 history classes. Would it just be easier is students could just google the dates and teachers could teach more about the details instead of the dates? That’s a good question that there are many different aspects and opinions about and even for myself it is an interesting debate.


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Now the disagreeing side of the debate. Brooklynn was tasked with the side that I thought she’d easily have most of the votes, give or take a few. Ultimately I am on the disagree side and many good points were made. Again we can use the example of the quadratic formula. Of course we can just google this formula but how are we going to know if it is correct and how to use it. If I was to google the quadratic formula I would be able to know and memorize the formula but you wouldn’t know how to properly use the formula. Like Cassidy mentioned students wouldn’t know what a, b, and c represent in the formula. Jordyn mentioned when she googled the formula more than one came up and she was more confused than she was to begin with. While students are able to google these things how can we assure they are finding the right information and know how to use it. That is a huge reason why we should still teach things even though they can be googled. “In the Age of Google, Should School Teach Memorization Skills?” This article actually explained that sometimes memorization may be beneficial. Of course we can think of tests and how you don’t have access to google and sometimes need to know the formulas. While I don’t think that it is necessary to have students memorize a lot of information it is sometimes necessary for different situations. We mentioned how in jobs when their are sales you don’t always have a calculator and may need to be able to know how to calculate a percentage of an item. Then we have the article Why Students Can’t Google Their Way to the Truth. We of course know the power of fake news and by just having our students use google they may not be getting correct information. Take the article North Korea Lands First Ever Man On The Sun, Confirms Central News Agency. We of course know this isn’t true but some people may believe it.

While students may still use google I still believe that it is important for teachers to be teaching the students so they are getting the right information and to be able to know how to properly use it. Our two debaters did a fantastic job of this topic and really got people thinking!





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