CJ #3: What does embodiment mean to me?

0CDD308B-192B-41AC-A0AD-4056E024D0BATo me, in the context of climate change and ecoliteracy embodiment means to physically attempt to make a difference. Much like our embodying ecoliteracy projects embodiment is what we are doing with our bodies. My visual represents what embodiment means to me in terms of climate change. In my visual I took a picture of myself holding a world on fire. To me if we don’t take control and really embody saving our planet we won’t have one. By “holding” the world in our hands we can help to make the world a better place. Embodiment to me also means physically taking a stand and advocating for what you think is right. Much like in The Lorax how the Lorax basically become an advocate for the trees that are being cut down and affecting the “ecosystems” where everyone is living.

I think embodiment in context of climate change also has a lot to do with what we have been doing in ESCI 302 which is going and being outside and practicing stillness. In Robin Wall Kimmerer, on page 224-225 it is said, “The woods are full of their bright voices. When the last pair of saplings is tied, quiet falls as they see what they have made. It looks like an upside-down bird’s nest, a basket of thick saplings domed like a turtles back. You want to be inside.” By going outside and realizing what is around you, you might be more inclined to make a change and improve your day to day life and be able to help save the environment. Much like in Robin Kimmerer’s first reading we read we found out how important it is to not just read about these topics but to also experience them. Being outside and experiencing the outdoors can make us realize what we have and how we should protect it.


One thought on “CJ #3: What does embodiment mean to me?”

  1. Hey! I really liked how you explained what embodiment means to you, it helped me understand how your process has been. I found your visual very powerful as it shows how we need to take things into our own hands and make a change. We cant just sit around and talk about climate change anymore, we need to start taking action which is something I fully agree with. The environment around us has so much to offer which makes for unlimited about amounts of learning experiences.


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