CJ #4: All About Water

This week my thoughts were all around water. Going to the water treatment plant really opened my eyes in terms of how much work goes into making the water clean for us to drink. We often take having clean water for granted but we know that some people don’t have clean water and can get sick from the water they are drinking.  Going to the water treatment plant made me realize that we should be cautious of the water at our disposal and how to take care of it. We often don’t think about what were doing can impact our water and we can actually be destroying it by our actions. This again goes back to taking the leap to be better with what we are doing to our environment.

I think that I can connect to the Canoe Pedagogy and Colonial History reading with my visual and blog post. With this reading being about Outdoor Environmental Education I can relate back to my own experience with Outdoor Ed. In high school I was in an Outdoor Ed class and we went on a canoe trip in Northern Saskatchewan. One thing that really stood out to me was how clean the water was. It was so clean that you were able to drink right from the lake. By not having many people around there wasn’t as much opportunity to pollute the lake.  On page 34 of the reading Newberry wrote, “Wilderness and nature are often represented in dominant discourse as spaces of leisure, as places to unwind or, alternatively wind up for expedition.” What I like about the statement is that taking this class, I was able to unwind and relax on this class and just enjoy my surroundings. On page 35 of the reading Newberry wrote, “Because wilderness and nature are called into being by the meanings given them, are constituted by their own representations, they are human creations and thus subject to the whims and politics of human activity.” I think that this is a perfect way to express my thoughts this week. Many lakes have been created and destroyed by us polluting and destroying them and they are no longer safe to just drink out of.

One thought on “CJ #4: All About Water”

  1. I love your visual representation, it goes perfectly well what you wrote. Also, you truly put your all into this weeks post. Your connections between the trip and the readings really gave an insight into all you’ve learnt this week. Thanks for sharing!


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