Is Technology Healthy or Not Healthy?

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This weeks debate topic of “Technology is making our kids unhealthy” was the debate topic that I participated in. I was on the disagree side of this topic. This debate was one that I thought would be close and while more people voted for the agree side it was close. During our discussion, a lot of good points were brought up. A lot of questions were brought up about whether the technology was actually making kids unhealthy or if it was just an excuse. In the one article, Digital technology can be harmful to your health that Jordyn posted it mentioned how kids are becoming sedentary and are developing bad sleep patterns from using technology, you can see how it can promote an unhealthy lifestyle. While I do think that technology can promote unhealthy lifestyles I don’t think that it is the root cause and I do think that it can help to promote a healthy lifestyle. One of the articles, Fighting Childhood Obesity With Technology: 5 Interactive Tools To Help Children Stay Healthy provided many options for tools and apps that can help kids become healthy. The tools that this article provides are:

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“Kids Wearables” – These are a lot like Fitbits but are designed for kids from LeapFrog as a health tracker that has specific activities and challenges. It mentions in the article how this is good for students who attend schools who no longer have recess
“TinyBop’s anatomy app” – This app is designed to help teach kids about the “different functions of the human body”
“Super Stretch Yoga” – a yoga app for young children to develop healthy habits
“Smash Your Food” – Encourages families to “smash” unhealthy foods to learn about nutrition”


Another article I found, Wiring your future: How technology can impact long-term health actually mentioned how if technology is used wisely and properly it can actually be a benefit to your health. While I ultimately don’t think that technology can, either way, make kids unhealthy or healthy, I think that it contributes to both ways. Depending on how technology is used it can either be a benefit or detriment to your health. It is up to us to as educators to help to provide our students with the knowledge and tools to use technology is a beneficial way.

Check out the other article that I found for this debate:

Strategies for using digital technology in healthy ways



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