CJ #5: Outdoor Education as a Way of Thanks


This week with looking at the Canoe Pedagogy for this week’s blog prompt a has made me think back to my own experience with outdoor education. I have mentioned before that I took an outdoor education class in high school. In this class we took a bike trip to Kananaskis and a canoeing trip to Northern Saskatchewan. We were able to experience the mountains and riding our biked down the paths through the trees as well as the lakes in Northern Saskatchewan that were so clear we were able to drink straight from the lake.

“Because wilderness and nature are called into being by the meanings given
them, are constituted by their own representations, they are human creations
and thus subject to the whims and politics of human activity” (NewBerry, 2012).

This quote made me reflect on how these place should that I visited where we are lucky that we have these places because they are taken care of but because of human activity they could be taken away from us.

Being in these places made me think about how I am thankful I am to have had these opportunities. These are places that haven’t been destroyed and are meant for people to enjoy and be with nature. People may not realize what is in Northern Saskatchewan so many may not go there which may be why it has stayed safe. I think that in Northern Saskatchewan we were able to see stone paintings which made us think of the historical roots and how long people had been living there. We may not think that people have lived and been there before us and we may try to take it as our own. Being able to go to Northern Saskatchewan made me think of all the First Nation people that would have been there for many years and lived off the land and truly gave back to it instead of just taking away from the land.

“It was when the earth starts to wake up from her well-deserved rest and renews her gifts to the people” (Kimmerer, 168).

Again looking at this quote as a way of giving thanks, we need to realize the Earth has so much to give that we need to give back instead of just taking away.

Looking at disrupting the common sense idea of Canadian Wilderness, we always think of as being outside in the mountains. We instead need to start thinking about Wilderness being everything.



One thought on “CJ #5: Outdoor Education as a Way of Thanks”

  1. Great post!
    I really liked how you talked about how we should be giving thanks to the land. As you mentioned, I think that it is important that if we decide to take from the land, it is also important that we give back. Also, I think your comment about Northern Saskatchewan is so true. I don’t think that many people go there or know what is there, myself being one of them! However, from what you described, it sounds beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!


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