The Big Mix-up

For this weeks debate we could have had a big disaster but luckily both Brian and Emily were great at improvising under pressure. We had what seemed like two very different topics turn out to connect it each other very well

Lets begin with Emily’s debate about the Faustian bargain. Now I had no idea about what the Faustian bargain but as Emily explained it as basically selling out and selling your soul. We discussed the idea of standardized tests. One of the articles that Emily shared was Why standardized tests are worthless. This article provided insight as to why standardized tests can actually create more problems than it solves. This article provided many examples of why standardized tests can be more detrimental to students then helping them. Some of the examples that stood out to me are that students and teachers may be more likely to cheat because they know the importance on getting high marks on these tests. As well as teachers teaching to the test. Now this is an interesting debate and it is one that I think requires a lot more time and research but I ultimately think that this is a topic that I agree with.


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Now discussing Brian’s side of the debate. This debate was about “Openness and sharing in schools is unfair to our kids.” Now this is a topic that I heavily disagreed and continued to throughout and after the debate. The information provided in the debate just continued to reinforce what I already thought. The first article provided was The benefits of sharing student work in online spaces mentioned having students share their work through blogs. One thing that stood out to me in this article is the comment made, “It’s exciting to see learners seek out feedback and place value on receiving comments from diverse settings.” I think this is similar to all of us when we are writing our own blogs for classes and receiving feedback. It mentioned how it can help students go back and look back on their work. I often think of things like Class Dojo where teachers are able to share students work for their parents to see.


The second article Teachers, Take Care Of Your Digital Footprint makes me think of what we are trying to with this class with creating a positive digital identity. Having students share their work can help students start to create the own digital identity.

Both Brian and Noah mentioned that it may push students to create better work which I also thought was a good point. I also think back to something that Jordyn posted on twitter about how students can put a note on their work that they want to share and the teacher will make a post about it.

Overall we had two very string debates today and turned out to have a very strong conversation even though we had two different topics.



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