Is technology an Equitable Force?


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With this weeks topic of “Technology is a force for equity in society” we listened to two fantastic debated by Robbi and Doug. Both debates were done very well and really made me think. This week I again thought I had my mind made up and I think I left without a true answer to which side I’m on. I of course voted for one but the more I think about it I again go back to the thoughts of whether it is technology they is creating equity in society or if its how its used.

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Beginning with the agree side of the debate Robbi had provided very helpful resources. The first one “How technology can boost equity in education”  provided one example pf how technology is starting tp deliver more classes through video conferencing. This one is pretty obvious to me as how technology is creating equity in society. Just thinking about this class and how it allows students who don’t live in Regina or who work during the day to be able to take classes without having to travel or leave their home. Robbi mentioned her own experience with working in a small town and small school and her own experience with her students and online classes. Not having certain classed offered allows her students to take online classes to be given the same opportunity as students from bigger schools and cities.

Now with Doug’s side of the debate and disagreeing that technology is a force for equity

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in society this was initially the side where I believed that I was going to agree with. Now of course this side of the deabte can go back to our initial conversations of whether it is truly the technology or if it is how the technology is used. The first article I looked at was Educational technology isn’t leveling the playing field. One thing that stood out to me in this article was the statement “While technology has often been hailed as the great equalizer of educational opportunity, a growing body of evidence indicates that in many cases, tech is actually having the opposite effect.” We have often talked about the fact that not every student has the same opportunity and resources. It comes back to what we were talking about when there were many laptops that were dropped off to countries the kids who didnt know how to use them but it was thought it would better their lives. The other article that was posted was Lack of Rural Broadband Access Creating Divide Among Canadians. This article disscueed that many communities may not be abke to support the technoloy. One statement that stood out to me was, “Many of the province’s tiny fishing villages don’t have access to broadband internet, stuck with the dial-up internet most Canadians left in the last millennium.” By not having the ability to support the technology it is hard to think that technology is helping to make force for equity.


Overall this debate was really well done and really got me thinking! Great work to both Robbi and Doug!


2 thoughts on “Is technology an Equitable Force?”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    I really enjoyed the way you wrapped up these ideas. Just like you, I started with the disagree side and was pretty ready to back up that belief, but I think that Robbie did a fantastic job in showing us the other side and finding ways to agree. I too enjoyed the articles that they shared and love the photo you showed at the beginning of this blog! I think that our class is a great example of equity using technology and the fact that it shares the ability to take an education class wherever you are, is so important for many. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


    1. Hey Cassidy,
      Thanks for the comment! Robbie definitely did a fantastic job and really made me think. This topic is again one that can really go either way. Online classes are one thing that really stands out to me in terms of technology creating an equitable force in society!


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