CJ #6: Inquiry-Based Interdisciplinary Learning

Prompt: What does inquiry-based, interdisciplinary learning offer to environmental education intentions? How have you engaged in meaningful inquiry cycles?

inquiryThe first thing that I think inquiry-based, interdisciplinary learning offers to environmental education intentions is our bold statement of “All education is environmental education.” Having inquiry-based, interdisciplinary learning can help to incorporate the environment into all subject areas. Inquiry-based learning, interdisciplinary learning can help get students thinking about how environmental education can be incorporated into different subjects. For example if you were learning about weather in a science class you could take your students outside to observe the weather. That would then incorporate the science curriculum and environmental education.

I have engaged in meaningful inquiry cycles different time, sometimes without even knowing. Our Embodying Eco-literacy Projects were the place that I most recently used inquiry cycles in a meaningful way. Using the inquiry cycle I was able to ask myself the important questions and the questions of how I wanted to embody climate change and move through the cycle as to how I could change my questions or how I could change my own actions to embody climate change. In a lot of ways we use inquiry cycles more than we think and often we use it on a daily basis. In a lot of ways anytime I write a blog post, reflection piece, or work on a group project I use an inquiry cycle. Most of the times I end up using the inquiry cycle when I create a blog or a reflection post. I always start out by asking questions and then going through the cycle. No matter what situation whether it is in a school project or just day to day life you go through some sort of inquiry cycle. We know that there is many different ways of inquiry cycles and many ways we can go through then and some people may even go through them more than one.



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