Social Media and our Childhood

The good ole conversation of social media. Both Shantel and Cassidy did a fantastic job with this week’s debate! This weeks debate topic of “Social media is ruining childhood” was an interesting one to me. Growing up I never had social media and I still don’t really use social media. The only source of social media I use is my twitter account. I’m not against social media but since I never grew up with it I never saw the need for it. Like most of my classmates, I do think social media had many good things to offer. Looking at how we use Twitter for EDTC classes I love the collaboration and support that is offered. I do believe that social media is not all sunshine and rainbows though. I think that there can be a lot of problems when it comes to social media. I think we have seen how social media can be a really bad thing.

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Social media on Smartphone
Social media concept with speech bubbles on smartphone


I think the one main way that social media is “ruining” childhood from the first article “Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?” is the mention of cyberbullying. We of course know the stories that have played out largely in the media about cyberbullying. The Amanda Todd story, the TedTalk by Monica Lewinsky, and the Tyler Clementi story are all examples as to how cyberbullying can happen through social media. The article also mentions how what people post can affect them the rest of their lives if it is negative. A statement made in this article is “At such a young age, children do not understand the repercussions of their actions on social media, creating a ‘digital footprint’ which is hard to erase and can come back to haunt them.” There is also the mention of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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Now for the disagree side. The article “Positive Effects Of Social Media On The Youth” discussed the way for students to make friends. It helps to build relationships and can be helpful for communication as well as things such as jobs and work. It allows us to communicate with people who we may not be in the same location as to make things easier.


I do not think that social media on its own is ruining childhood. I don’t even think social media is ruining our childhood. I think that through the right education social media can be a great resource and can really benefit our society. Much like all our past topics, technology itself doesn’t make people do specific things. To make social media as a benefit it is important for us to help our students to learn about the benefits and dangers and teach students how to use social media to their advantage.




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