Mentor and the Mentees!



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Well the time has finally come to complete my final blog on mentoring this semester. This semester in EDTC 400 we got the opportunity to mentor 4 students from the EDTC 300 section. I was lucky enough to work with Sarah who was learning how to make Mennonite dishes, Lisa who was learning how to code, Debbie who was learning ASL with her family, and Olivia who was teaching her adorable dog new tricks. Throughout the semester I was able to provide resources, help to provide comments on their blogs, answer any questions that they might have had, and overall just provide support for them in their journey through EDTC 300. sarah


Overall I loved the process and I had four fantastic mentees and really loved gaining a different perspectives and a chance to get to build a professional and personal relationship with a group of students who I might have otherwise not  gotten the chance to ever communicate with! lilisa tw

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While I’m not going to say this was a perfect semester or that there was not challenges with this process but overall it went very well. Some of the challenges came from myself. Finding time to read, support and comment could be challenging with other assignments, blogs and my own tweets but it just taught me to have better time management skills and I often posted these comments as I took breaks from my other homework and studying. I was challenged sometimes as I would read and tweet and just like it or retweet it without commenting as well as reading blogs and mentally commenting but not actually posting my comments (which I realized I did quite a bit). And then finally the challenge of some blogs maybe being a little late or not having a tweet to comment on but I would just have to encourage my mentees to keep posting or tweeting. sarah


What I loved and found rewardisarah twitterng of the process is that I was able to build four strong personal and professional relationships that I most likely wouldn’t have had if not for this process. It really helped in my building of my PLNol

What I learned about the potential of teaching an online class is that it is very important to have communication both ways. Sometimes you can feel as though you are just talking into cyberspace. I learned the importance of being very specific in comments because sometimes they can be confusing to just read and that providing examples is super helpful. Debbie

Overall what I learned about teaching through this process is that it is very important to provide lots of examples, a lot of support, and constructive feedback! It is very important to build these relationships with your students and be there to support them in their journey.

Overall I honestly loved the mentoring process this semester! I was a little nervous at the start of the semester and wasn’t sure how this process would go. Please check out a detailed list of all the mentoring I did throughout the course!


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