About Me

Rebecca Roney’s Resume


My name is Rebecca Roney and I am currently in my Third year at the University of Regina and my second year in the faculty of education. I am majoring in chemistry and minoring in mathematics. I graduated from Peacock collegiate in June 2015. I was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and currently still live there and commute to Regina for school. I graduated from Peacock collegiate in June 2015. Throughout elementary and high school I played basketball, badminton, helped create the school yearbook, was apart of the crew for the school musical, and played a large part in the schools student government even being vice president in grade twelve. These activities are all something that I would love to continue with any job I may end up in. I have been around children and schools for most of my life. I have been babysitting since elementary school. As I got into higher grades in elementary school and as I got into high school I started to score keep and ref basketball games. I spent two summers working for the Prairie South School Division at the facilities department painting and cutting grass.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to become a teacher. My dad is a teacher and when I was younger I spent many weekends playing in the gym or drawing on whiteboards. I grew up around teachers and have seen teaching and education from different perspectives. I’ve seen it from the perspective of a student and a teacher. As I got older I became involved in student government. I loved planning activities for the student body and the leadership it required. Being involved in the student government helped me realize a career in education might be a good choice for me. Another reason I wanted to become a teacher is because of my high school chemistry teacher. Although his classes were very hard and made me want to cry he truly prepared me for university. His passion for teaching and the amount he cared for his students really inspired me to become a teacher. My hope is I will be able to inspire my own students like my teacher inspired me.