My Final Learning Project!

This semester in EDTC 300 we were presented with the incredible opportunity of a learning project with technology.

I made the choice to learn ASL and I have made a lot of progress from where I started considering I had no previous experience with ASL.

My first blog post “What am I going to learn?” I created a rough outline of what my learning project might entail.

Learning sign language? It’s as easy as A,B,C was my first blog post. For my first week of actual learning I learned how to sign the alphabet. I used the ASL App until it updated and was no longer supported by my phone. This week’s blog post included my first ever YouTube video! ( I must say I was nervous to actually post this video). This week I used the MSH Dictionary app as well.


My second blog “Sign Language and Common Words” I worked on some common words and worked on numbers 1-10 using a YouTube video from My Smart Hands.

I learned to sign the days of the week also from a video from My Smart Hands.


days of the week
Picture from Learning Made Easy


The next week my blog post was called Learning Common ASL Words is Hard Work

I had learned how to sign colors using ASL That and a very helpful YouTube video.

My blog post “What?! You have to sign more than one word?” included my first step at learning some common phrases thanks to Start ASL and a YouTube video from Learn American Sign Language. I used Signing Savvy as well a lot to learn common phrases.

I learned how to sign Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  using a combination of two YouTube videos, you can find the first one here, which may be more helpful for younger children and the next video being the one I actually learned from.

My next blog post “Finally! The months of the Year!” I was able to finally learn how to sign the months of the year after a few weeks of struggling. I was able to find a video from “Mrs. Rodriguez’s ASL Classes” and a site called Lesson Tutor that provided a step by step template of how to sign the months. I can’t forget to give credit to my lovely classmate Kendall as she also learned how to sign the months of the year and her post helped me big time!

My next blog was “O Canada” which is pretty self explanatory by the fact I learned how to sign O Canada from the video O Canada learning how to sign with Jaclyn Paul.

My final blog post Apple, Banana, Bread I got into the Christmas spirit by learning how to sign “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and of course like the title suggests learning how to sign foods.

Throughout the semester I also worked on a ton of categories for some basic words. Categories such as food, travel, toys, clothing, manners, feelings/emotions, animals, actions, and bedtime routine. The categories were from MSH Dictionary.  MSH Dictionary was a very helpful app that I used a lot through the semester. It gives a lot of words and then preforms the sign and then explains the sign while preforming it slower. Check out the pictures of the categories below!

I used a lot of resources such as websites, visuals, and YouTube videos to help me learn. I found a lot of them very helpful and I have linked to them in this post and previous ones and would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to learn ASL!  In order to see more detailed posts about my learning project and the resources I used and put into my posts check out the link to my learning project category! Also check out my YouTube channel to see all of the videos I made that shows all the words I learned!

I strayed from my initial plan quite a bit by adding a couple extra weeks working on common words and adding how to learn “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” but it was all worth it in the end! All in all I really learned a lot and I would love to continue working on learning ASL in the future!


Apple, Banana, Bread

This week I again looked at the MSH Dictionary and looked at the category of food. I’ve found it interesting how many connections are made from past knowledge on previous words I have learned.

This week the weather and all the shopping sales with Black Friday coming up got me into the Christmas spirit. I decided to try to learn some Christmas Carols and I found this really cool article called Sign Language Christmas Songs and Carols that provide a list of songs and ways and places to look at them. I really liked this site because it provided a ton of resources all in one place. Some of the sites it provided were places that you could purchase resources which could be helpful for teachers if they were looking for resources for their classroom.

I checkout Signing Savvy again this week in order to learn how to sign Merry Christmas.

The Christmas Carol I attempted to learn this week was We Wish you a Merry Christmas. I found a YouTube video that helped me and I created a screencast to show you guys how I learned this week. Even though it wasn’t a great video it was one of the easier videos and songs to learn from. The song was easy to learn from as a lot of it is repeated. The video was the easiest video I saw as it was meant for children and went really slow.

This song was one of the easier songs I found to learn as a lot of the words are repeated and it goes fairly slowly. I was looking at a few other songs this week such as Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer  and while they were good videos they were hard to learn from because they went a little too fast and they were sometimes hard to follow.

I also found a really good website called Baby Sign Language which had a lot of Christmas sign language flashcards that would be really helpful for a teacher to have in their classroom.




O Canada

Hey everyone!

This week I continued to use the ASL Dictionary and looked at the category of Nature. I have worked a lot with the ASL Dictionary app throughout the semester and it is an app that I would like to continue to use and it is one that I would definitely recommend to others. It has been very helpful to look at the categories and that it has a video provided with a spoken description of how to preform the sign. I really like how it goes slow and the video is preformed over again so you get a really good idea of how to preform the sign.  Check out my video below to see the nature signs I learned this week.

This week I also decided to learn how to sign O Canada. When I was in elementary school I had a few teachers that would sign it doing the actual song but I was never taught. I would always try to follow along but I found it hard as I had not actual teaching on it. I figured learning how to sign Oh Canada would be a beneficial tool to have in the classroom.

This week I looked at this one website that provided a couple videos to use as tutorials which I did like but I did find that it went a little too fats for me for first learning how to sign Oh Canada. I found a vey helpful PDF that would be a good print out for a classroom. It provides the lyrics for O Canada and then the direct words that you would sign as well it provides diagrams for the signs. I checked out multiple videos this week to learn how to sign O Canada. Most of the videos were okay but they were a little too fast for me. Some of the videos I checked out included Oh Canada ASL, O’Canada, and O’Canada in ASL.

The video I actually learned from was O Canada learning how to sign with Jaclyn Paul. I really liked this video as it went really slow and taught a few signs at a time and then would go back over the signs until the video was complete.

I decided to do this week’s video as a screencastify because I wasn’t totally comfortable with signing O Canada and wanted to show you all the video I learned from as well.

Although I didn’t learn some of these signs I found a couple pintables that would be good to put up in the classroom.


Photo Credit: Teaching Ideas


Finally! The months of the year!

Hey everyone!

This week I went back to the ASL Dictionary and looked into the action category. A lot of the words in this category seemed like common sense and provided an action that you would think of when you think of that word.



For some common phrases this week I tried out a website called Signing Savvy. I looked at several “common” phrases from this site. What I liked about this site is that that it broke down each word in the phrase and gave a video to explain each word.

As well I have finally decided to show you guys how to sign the months of the year. If you recall I had been struggling with finding a good resource for how to sign the months. Every resource I had found had been going to fast for me. Last week I looked at Kendall’s previous post where she had posted a good video about how to sign the months of the year. While I still found this video goes very fast it was the best resource I have found. I also found another video that teaches you the months of the year and it goes a little slower in trying to teach you the signs for the months. I did like that video but the one thing I found hard about it was there was no sound. Its helpful when theres sound in the videos to explain to you how to do the signs. As well I found a site that could be helpful to put up in your classroom for a guide on how to sign the months. It gives little explanations as to how to create the actions which could be helpful for students trying to learn the signs.



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hey guys!

This week was very tough I’m not going to lie. Like most of you there was lots of homework, tests and work. I found it hard to find the motivation to bring myself to work on my learning project. I decided that I  just wanted to learn something that a kind of fun, so I decided to learn how to sign Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Yes I realize that it may be for children but it was something a little different and something that allowed me to learn something this week without adding to much more stress to myself.


In learning how to sign Twinkle Twinkle Little Star I found quite a few videos on how to do it. I found it interesting how they were all a little different but overall were pretty similar. The video that I learned from seemed helpful and seemed to be similar in some words that I had already learned.

Another video that I looked at seemed to be good but it probably would’ve been better for younger children. This video provided me with a website that would be helpful for parents or teachers with young children trying to learn how to sign as it is geared towards children with things like games and song such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I also wanted to learn a couple practical things and looking back at my lovely classmate Kendall’s previous post, she posted a very helpful video that showed how to sign the months of the year. If you remember I mentioned how I was struggling to find a good resource with how to sign the months of the year so the video that she showed helped! Along with Kendall’s post I found a helpful website that provided flashcards of how to sign the months. Although I’m still struggling with the actions of the months I’m going to attempt to show you guys what I’ve learned (Next Week)!





What?! You have to sign more than one word?

Hey guys!

The last couple weeks I have been working on learning how to sign some common words. While I still have a lot to learn with just common words I plan to continue using the MSH Dictionary to work on these common words I also have decided to learn how to sign some common phrases. I found this YouTube video that provides some common day to day conversation and also provides how to sign the answers to those questions.

This week I looked at MSH Dictionary and at the category for manners.


Check out my videos to see what I learned this week!

I used the site Start AlS to find some phrases for my learning this week.


Next week I’m going to continue working on common words as well as more common phrases.

And so the learning continues..

Hey Everyone!

This week I decided to continue learning how to sign common words. I was going to try to learn how to sign the months but I was still unable to find a solid resource so I’m still looking for a better resource so hopefully I’ll have something to show you guys with that this week. But fir now I’ll tell you guys what I did learn this week. This week I used MSH Dictionary again. So far, it’s the best app I have found for what I am learning right now. I looked at the categories of bedtime routine and feeling/emotions.

Check out my video below to see my progress this week.


As well I looked at a couple YouTube videos and websites. The first one I looked at is a YouTube video to learn how to sign feelings and emotions. It seemed to be helpful so if you wanted to check it out, you can see it here. This YouTube video came from a site called which has a ton of videos for different scenarios and categories. I plan on looking into this site more next week as my goal is to learn some common phrases for next week.