Learning Common ASL Words is Hard Work

Hey guys!

So last week my goal was to work on common words and I learned things such as numbers 1-10, yes and no, mom and dad, etc..

This week my goal was to continue to work on common words. Last week I used an app called MSH Dictionary and that seemed to be very useful as it breaks signs into categories and has a video and an explanation so I continued to use that this week. This week the categories I looked at were bedtime routine, colors, questions and clothing.

I looked into learning time such as the months and examples of time increments but they seemed a little complex and difficult to follow as I can not find a solid video to help me. To learn time I was looking at the app called Sign School and they have videos for the words but they go a little fast for me to learn so it is something that I will be continuing to learn into next week.


SignSchool App that I will use next week 


For learning the colors I had found a YouTube video that also seemed helpful. It was by ASL That and they have a lot of videos to help with sign language knowledge. They have a website that you can check out here that has lots of helpful videos and resources.

If you guys want to check out the video I used to help learn the colors you can check it out here.

Please check out my video from this week below to see my progress from this week.


For next week my initial goal was to learn some common sign language phrases but I think I’m going to continue with common words for another week.

A couple resources I wanted to share with everyone is an ASL website called Start ASl . As well I wanted to share a couple pictures with you that I thought would be good resources to have in the classroom.


Picture from an Educational Source called HubPages 



Picture from an Educational Source called HubPages




Sign Language and Common Words

Hey guys!

Just a little refresher I have decided to learn how to do sign language for my learning project. Last week I was able to learn the alphabet. This week I set myself a goal to learn how to sign some common words. As this week was a busy one for myself I found it a little harder to learn some sign language this week. I still managed to learn somethings but a lot of it was just building on knowledge I learned from last week with the alphabet.


Screenshot of MSH Dictionary 

This week I managed to learn how to sign numbers 1-10, days of the week, I learned how to sign hello, yes and no, as well as some other common words. Check out my video below to see some of my knowledge!

Also, I found a couple YouTube videos that even though they seem like they would be for young children they really worked for me! Check them out as it really makes it easy to learn from.

The first video was learning to count from 1-10. You can check it out here. The second video was learning how to sign the days of the week and you can check it out here. These videos are from are from My Smart Hands. They have a ton of videos and resources. If you guys are interested and want to check them out visit this link. I also found an app called MSH Dictionary which is really helpful and it’s what I plan on using again for next week as well as more YouTube videos.

For next week I will look to continue to learn common words and continue building
on current knowledge.



Learning sign language? It’s as easy as A,B,C

Hey everyone!

So if you read my first post you would’ve saw that I decided to learn sign language for my learning project. I set a goal for myself to learn the alphabet this week and to my surprise I picked up on it fairly quickly and I am pretty impressed with myself as I now feel confident that I sign the alphabet no problem! The alphabet seems pretty simple as a lot of letters seem similar to what they are as written letters or a similar to one another. Check out my video below to see this weeks progress. For this week I learned a lot from an ASL app (until I updated my phone and it was no longer supported) and from YouTube.


As for this coming week I have decided to try to learn some common words. I plan on using YouTube again to learn some common words. I’m excited to hear about how everyone’s projects are going!


What am I going to learn?


For my learning project I have decided to learn how to do sign language. Although I have never known anyone who is deaf and needs to use sign language I know that it is a possibility that one of my students may use sign language and I would love to be able to communicate with them. Since I have no previous knowledge on the subject I am starting from the very beginning. I plan to first learn the alphabet and work my way up to common words, phrases, ect.  My weekly plans are as followed:

Week 1: Learn the alphabet
Week 2: Common words
Week 3: Continue with common words
Week 4: Common Phrases
Week 5: Continue with common phrases
Week 6: String amounts of word together – such as O Canada                                                     Week 7-Finish: Continue to build on knowledge and learn new words while learning how to create long sentences and dialogues