CJ #1: What does the environment mean to me?


My connections with the environment have been few and far between but the connections I have had with the environment have been memorable. I often contribute the thoughts of what the environment means to me with being outside and in nature. I often think of nature being outdoors with the sounds and smells of nature. I think of the environment as a place where animals are able to live peacefully. I see the environment as a place to escape and be able to unwind and unplug.

While I haven’t had too many large moments spent with the environment, I have had many small moments spent with the environment. From the time I was little I spent a lot of time playing outdoor long after dark in the summer and have spent many times only coming into the house to get warm in the winter.

One large experience I have had with environmental education was in high school when I registered for the offered Outdoor Education class. Through taking this class, I spent a semester preparing for two specific trips, one to Kananaskis Alberta for a bike trip and one to Northern Saskatchewan for a canoe trip. The preparation for this class included many class times spent outside in the park either biking on the paths or canoeing the river paths.

Much like Robin Wall Kimmerer’s story I had the opportunity to experience Environmental Education like her students by actually going outside in the environment to have a hands-on experience. I understand the benefit from actually learning based on experience rather than just readings in the classroom. While I do understand some learning has to be done in the classroom the hands-on experience can more beneficial to students.

(Also check out the site I had help drawing the nature scene!)