Cognitive Development

Through this weeks readings I learned several things but a few stood out to me. The first thing I learned was that the internal verbal thinking is not stable until about age 12 (53). This explains that children often talk to themselves as they’re learning something new. This fact really interested me because I can remember multiple times in elementary school when teachers asked for complete silence. This could have actually been a detriment to students and made them more confused. It’s important for teachers to allow for some noise in their classrooms because it helps students to develop a better understanding for their learning.

Another thing I learned based on Piaget’s research is that all species tend to gravitate towards tendencies of organization and adaptation (37). I thought this really made sense because it is easy for people to put things they already know into groups in order to make connections with what they know. One example I can think of was one presented to me in a psychology class. The example was a child who knew what a dog was and then saw a cat and believed it was a dog. The child knew that both the cat and dog were both animals and belonged in the same group.

Something else I learned is that ” Reading is not innate or automatic” (33). I found this interesting because although I knew that you’re not born knowing how to read I wasn’t sure how it came about. I find it fascinating how your brain makes connections with things you already know in order to learn how to read.

One connection I made is the importance of a strong support system. The example of the student who answered the math problems wrong and then developed negative feeling towards math (33). Having a strong support system from their teachers would allow them to feel comfortable to make and learn from their mistakes.

Another connection I made is you can’t try to change a student. It is discussed how it is important to try to change the classroom instead of changing a student. I think this is important because as teachers we should try to open our students minds and help them to learn more about the world.

One question I still have is how can we as teachers eliminate our students fear of being wrong and allow them to feel comfortable  and confident to make mistakes.