Professional Knowledge

ECS Topic Exploration Paper

ECS 110 Take Home Final

Throughout the semester we had discussions based on topics in class, below are some of my responses.

“As I got older I became involved in student government. I loved planning activities for the student body and the leadership it required. ”

“I believe I am a teacher 24 hours a day. We live in a society where social media plays a huge role on what people do and believe. As a teacher you need to set a good example for students. Teachers need to be unbiased and supportive. Anything a teacher posts on social media is a reflection on them. Anyone can see those posts and it could be the difference between getting a job or not. It’s a teachers job to set a good example for the students and people in general and that’s a job that requires attention 24 hours a day. As a teacher it is crucial to try to help students become good citizens. By being a good role model for students it can help them become successful in their futures. Teachers must be a good example for students 24 hours a day because if a teacher shows inappropriate behaviour a student may believe that the behaviour is acceptable.”

“I think the role the community in which a school is located should play a certain role in creating the curriculum and how it is taught. Each community has its own history that needs to be taught and remembered whether it’s bad or good and the community has to chance to be able to teach the importance of the culture. I think that the curriculum should be standardized for the most part. Subjects like maths and sciences should be standardized so students going to university will be at the same level. Some subject like English and history should have certain parts that are standardized and then parts that should be taught based on community. Although there are topics of both Canadian and provincial history that is crucial for students to be taught about. If we teach to our community preference the curriculum can be both negatively and positively impacted. The students may be behind if they attend university but important parts of our history may be taught more in depth. I think that it can be beneficial for students to receive specialized material because it allows them to learn more about their community and where they came from.”

“I think that inclusive education can promote successful learning by teaching students to be more accepting. It helps students to see that even though some people may look or act differently everyone deserves the same opportunity to succeed and have a normal life. I think inclusion can be put into schools based on each students needs. Not every student will succeed in every class and it is up to school staff and parents to make sure that the best interests of the student are taken care of. I do believe inclusive education will lead to more inclusive societies. If students are taught from a young age that everybody is equal and the same then it will help as they become more involved in the society to create a more welcoming and accepting environment. I think that parents should work closely with teachers to both give and receive information about how the student is doing in class and some of the things that the student does at home in order to make things easier for the student and teacher. I think there are some cons to inclusive education. Not every student is the same. Every student has there own way of learning and there is no perfect way to know for sure how a student is going to react in different situations so it is a process to make sure students feel included and are having their needs met. ”

“Schools are the first step in creating a welcoming and inclusive society. If at a young age a student sees other people as equals then as they get older they wouldn’t like twice about judging someone based on if they look different.”

“I definitely think there is value in an approach that is specifically aimed at students who struggle to find their place in a “standard” learning environment. Not every student learns the same way and it is important to make sure students feel comfortable in a learning environment even if it is not one we see as a typical one. I think as future teachers we will have a chance to see how our students learn and determine the best way for them to be successful. I think if we see students who need an alternative way of learning we will be able to talk about it in our schools. I don’t believe teachers jobs would be in real jeopardy I think that alternative education could be incorporated in schools in the near future. As well we discussed how the alternative schools we were talking about all had teachers who were teaching in them. I think the chances of alternative education negatively impacting our society could happen. It was pointed out during class that if a student isn’t required to do certain things in school they may believe that they don’t have to do thing they don’t want to do in future jobs or in society. Although I still believe that most students will continue to see value on our current education system.”

“What I find beneficial in incorporating cultural histories and beliefs into the curriculum is people can learn about different cultures and like in inclusive education it can create more inclusive societies. I do see how there could be some flaws. If the teacher isn’t comfortable with what their teaching it may not be taught properly. I think in the redesign of the curriculum there should be many different people involved. I think it should involve parent and teacher input as well as representatives from the cultures that are discussed in the curriculum. I think the misrepresentation of the Aboriginal does have a lasting impression on children because when you’re young and you get an idea or image put in your head it sticks. I don’t necessarily believe that the government should have much say on the terms given to the Aboriginal people. I think because within the Aboriginal culture, all of the people have their own history and background they should be able to select their own terms. ”

“I agree with that statement as to how no teachers job is the same. Teachers are always going to have different experiences depending on the school they’re teaching at and the students in their classes. Even if you have two teachers teaching the same subject at the same school they are going to have different experiences. I think having a social life with your coworkers is important because it will make the overall work experience more pleasant and more fun. I also think there is such thing as spending too much time with certain people so it’s finding the right balance. I think sharing resources would be something I wouldn’t have a problem doing as long as there is give and take.”

“I find these statements very sad and disappointing. Reading these statements makes me realize that not everybody is accepted for who they are and some people are more privileged than others because they appear “normal”. I think anytime someone feels like they can’t be their true selves it is sad. Everyone deserves the right to show their true selves. Things such as GSA groups can help to create equal opportunities and can help to challenge heterosexual privilege. Groups like these can help to allow students to be in an accepting environment. I think from the statistics in the presentation we can see the impacts of homophobia and/or transphobia. Through the statistics we see that a lot of students feel unsafe in school environments and have attempted suicide. I think in looking at these statistics it is easy to see how we may think that we have an inclusive society but there is still a very long way to come and we as teachers need to help create a more welcoming and accepting environment.”

“I think we as teachers should see the value in an online presence. I think it makes things easier and more accessible. I think we will be interested in promoting our students digital footprint but we need to find a safe and appropriate way of doing it. I think as teachers we need to try to show that even though you can basically find anything on the internet there is still a benefit from the personal contact you get in a classroom. I think we should promote technology in an educational way. I don’t think with how much the times are changing and how much of a role technology plays that it is possible to be old fashioned anymore. I think we can help the students use the internet in a safe and productive way by talking about the dangers that are out there. I think the internet can help make subjects more exciting because there is always tips and you can always find an exciting to teach a subject.”